Mylady is proud to present its newest Haute Couture collection.

Mylady has been handcrafting corsets for more than 25 years combining tradition and modernism by using both ageless corsetiere knowledge and expertise but also revolutionary needlework and sewing technologies.

Each Mylady corset is fully handmade and requires up to 100 hours of meticulous handcraft done by high skilled and trained seamstresses, dressmakers and jewelers. Mylady uses only the most exquisite components and materials : Italian and French laces and fabrics and chosen Bohemian crystals

In order to reach the ultimate look , Mylady offers also a selection of exquisite accessories: jewelry, shoes, gloves, veils and shawls, using the same detailing as the corset and the skirt.

The versatility of the ‘Mix and Match’ method together with the perfect Mylady  fit and design and also the ability of answering to any special request, all those succeed to realize any brides dream, making her unique and giving her the ultimate Mylady  fit and look on her special day.

The Mylady  design team and studio is directed by Mr. Haim Bar that has been designing and developing brides wear for over three decades.

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